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  • Puzzle HOME natural
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Puzzle HOME natural


57,84 CHF

HOME is a 3D puzzle enabling to go from architect’s scale to the scale of furniture. The house has 17 pieces, which when separated become pieces of furniture and why not a town. The game works on the double principal of brainteaser and construction game. You can build and created spaces thanks to the furniture you discover when dismantling the house. Build, unbuild, rebuild !

The project HOME comes from the collaboration between cinqpoints and Joran Briand studio. Guided by profound knowledge of architecture, Joran Briand systematically questions the dimension of objects. He confronts the scale of space and furniture, initiating a constant dialogue between them. For cinqpoints he has agreed to change playground and propose a sober and relevant object, imposing a synthesis of architecture and design.


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17 pieces 10.5*10.5*15 cm


Age : 3 years and up

Lieferung in 5 bis 7 Werktagen

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