• Card game ABC Deuz
  • Card game ABC Deuz
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Card game ABC Deuz


25,43 CHF

26 french/english bilingual flash cards to discover the upper and lower case letters by playing with pictures.

Deuz introduces bright and lively creations for kids from 2 - 10 years old. Deuz is all about energetic colours and designs, unexpected keen typography and surprising associations... It is a stimulating aesthetic universe, applied to one-of-a kind objects, both useful and cunning, that you can combine at your own imagination. It is a selection of the best materials for the kids and their planet (certified organic cotton, natural dyes, recycled paper...).


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Card size 9*14 cm

Recycling cardboard

Nontoxic natural dyes

Printed in France


in stock / delivery 3 to 5 days

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